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The Thane District Central Co-Op Bank Ltd.

Interest Rates

Type of Loan Rate of Interest(%)
Vehicle Loan (Motor Cycle) 10% (E.M.I.)
Non Form Sector Loan 11% (Simple Interest)
Personal Loan 13% (Simple Interest)
Mortgage Loan 12% (E.M.I.)
Vehicle Loan(Private Use) 9.75% (E.M.I.)
Vehicle Loan(Commercial Use) 11% (E.M.I.)
Housing Loan 8.75% (E.M.I.)
Bussiness Loan 9.75% (E.M.I.)
Bussiness Development Loan 12% (Simple Interest)
Bussiness Clean Cash Credit Loan 12% (Simple Interest)
Tourism Loan 12% (E.M.I.)
Teacher’s Salary Over Draft Loan 12% (Simple Interest)
Gold Loan 11.50% (Simple Interest)
Gold Loan (For Farmers) 10.50% (Simple Interest)
Society 7.75% (Simple Interest)
Article Loan 12% (Simple Interest)
Salary Loan 11% (E.M.I.)
Education Loan (For Male) 9.50% (Simple Interest)
Education Loan (For Female) 9% (Simple Interest)
Salary Increment Loan 11% (E.M.I.)
New Laptop Purchase Loan 10% (Simple Interest)
Small Business Loan 11% (Simple Interest)